Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Apollo and Athena first week

So the Frisbees are a little over a week old. They already over 2.5 pounds. This week they were named Apollo and Athena. They are very healthy fat puppies. Both puppies have their eyes open and are scooting about. They seem to get cuter every day.This is Apollo. He is laid back and easy going.

This is Athena. She is very active and wants to explore.

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We start Super Puppy training at 3 days old. Super Puppy Training is a series of exercises designed to make well adjusted adults. It is very similar to the training that service dogs undergo. Right now the puppies are doing 5 exercises at least once each day.
Tactile stimulation is done by tickling the puppies between their toes.
Thermal Stimulation is done by placing each puppy on a cool wet towel.
Then we hold the puppies in 3 different positions for a few seconds they are
with the puppy's head up and tail down,
with the puppy's head down and tail towards the ceiling,
and then the puppy is held in our palms with their belly up.
This last position is called the Supine position, it is very important to practice with all puppies as it establishes who is the top dog. In the wild the leader of the pack requires all members of the pack to show their bellies as a sign of submission. As the puppies age this is done for longer amounts of time never more than 1 minute, unless you are trimming nails.
This is a great exercise for small and large dogs because the puppies learn who is the boss and it will make other training aspects easier.
More next week!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 3 What a Surprise!!

I never thought it could happen. I was so surprised when Alice our Bernese Mountain Dog had 2 little puppies with our Little Bichon Frise, Saul. Alice is around 75 pounds and Saul is a whopping 12 pounds, what a pair. The puppies are now 3 days old and doing very well.
This is our little girl. Poor little thing was born in the snow and was terribly cold when we found her. I called our neighbor who has raised sheep and had lambs born in the snow and asked her advise. So this little girl had a bath until she was warmed up and then was dried in front of the fire. She is quite a little fighter, and very active.

This is our little boy. We are so thankful that we have 2 puppies to keep each other warm and have a friend to play with. This little guy was born several hours after his big sister and is very laid back.
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Momma Alice has been bonding with her little ones and is starting to get the hang of being a mom. Please feel free to post a comment or email me.
Or check out more pictures of this pair at Picasa.
More soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I did not think it possible!

Fiday December 5th out Bernese Mountain Dog had puppies. The father was our Little Bichon Frise. Today I am still in shock.
This is Momma Alice. She is75 pounds of constant motion.

This is little Saul. He is 12 pounds of lap dog.

Just to show the contrast between the two parents Alice is a lap full.

While Saul leaves plenty of room to share with 4 other Bichons. We have 4 bichons in our family and we were princess sitting my cousins dog on this picture. However if she wasn't visiting our house cat would have been in the mix.
What a day!

Fiday December 5th out Bernese Mountain Dog had puppies. The father was our Little Bichon Frise.