Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oreo and Cookie are 6 weeks old.

Little Oreo was 8 pounds when we went to the Vet on Wed. for Shots. Oreo loves exploring as long as he knows he can take a nap on your feet when he is done. Right now Oreo is teething, so his favorite past time is Chewing. Oreo loves to play outside and smell new smells.

Cookie has had a very dramatic week. Wednesday Cookie went in to have surgery on her cleft lip. Cookie was 4 pounds on Wednesday. Everything was great until Friday night when she pulled out all her stitches.
Ok, maybe great is an exaggeration, she can only have liquids to eat and she is not allowed to chew on anything. As Cookie is also teething it has been rough for her.

We love Cookie no matter what she looks like. She has a lot of personality and we think she is cute no matter what she looks like on the outside.

Oreo is a little card. Here Oreo is asking a Smoky to play.
Momma Alice went to the Vet this week too. She was spayed, so this is our last litter of Frisbees. Alice is doing very well and has been very good about not tearing her stitches.
I have posted more pictures of the puppies including close up shots of Cookie's cleft lip and teeth.

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LeXaJ14 said...

So cute!! XD I love seeing pics of the puppies! ^_^