Monday, October 12, 2009

Cookie Update

I just wanted to give everybody an update on Cookie.
On October 2nd Cookie went to the vet to be spayed and have her cleft lip repaired.
At 10:30 that morning I received a call from the vet. He said that her cleft lip had gotten a bit worst and her front palate had also developed a cleft.
He believes it is not a good idea to try and repair the damage because it would be very involved, very painful for Cookie and their is no way to guarantee that She would let the stitches stay in.

I trust my vet and know that he puts the animals needs before mine, so I asked several questions. They were, "Will Cookie be able to live a long and healthy life with the cleft lip and palate the way that they are now? Will the cleft lip and palate get worse as she grows? Do you think she will grow a lot more?"
Dr Winters assured me that he didn't believe that Cookie's Cleft Lip and Palate would get any worse over time. Dr Winters said he thought Cooke would get a little bigger and she should live a long and healthy life just the way she is.

I took this picture to show how big Cookie is right now, she is currently about 18 pounds.

The family that Cookie was planning on going home with this weekend, has decided that they no longer want her. So Cookie is looking for a family that will love her for who she is and not what she looks like. We think she is just the cutest little thing out there.
Cookie doesn't know that she is different. She thinks that she is a normal dog, and she is very lucky because she is able to be treated like a normal dog. Cookie eats dry dog food, she doesn't like the wet stuff, she loves chewing on bones and playing with the other dogs in our family.
Cookie is very out going and loves everybody, she loves to play the clown and be the center of attention. We have been going to the park once a week for almost 3 months now, and she loves going to flea markets with us. Cookie was one of the harder puppies to potty train but has gone almost 3 weeks without an accident. Right now Cookie is learning how to sit on command, and a few other cute tricks just for fun.
If you are interested in adding Cookie to your family please send us an email. We do have a few requirements as we love her very much and want to make sure she finds the perfect forever family.

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LeXaJ14 said...

oh, she's so cute! :D
I hope she finds a good home soon!